Tracky Tuesday

Word to your mother.

Yup, that was me channeling my inner white rapper ca. 1990. Bonus points for anyone…oh hell, it’s from Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice.

Workout: 2×1600, 1×800 RI: 400 GP: 9:14/1600 (approx 2:18 for a 400) <–Lots of numbers for early in the morning.


I was (obviously) a second or two late for each lap, but I’m not going to worry about a second or two. One good thing about the workout was that I was breathing “politely” the entire time. Polite breathing is my term for I-wouldn’t-be-embarrassed-to-be-seen-breathing-like-this breathing. You know – breathing hard, but not that ragged oh-my-god-my-head-is-going-to-explode kind of breathing. Yeah, cause that kind of breathing is embarrassing, especially when you’re not running a 5 minute mile. Which I most certainly was not. At all.

Moving on.

If you remember from yesterday I had set up a cleaning schedule for myself. Today, being Tuesday, was dusting day. And let me tell you, I dusted my ass off. I love me some Swiffer dusting thingy-ma-hoobers where you don’t actually have to touch the dust, you just get to whisk thing over your furniture pretending you are a fastidious house maid from 1879 with a feather duster. Or a fastidious house maid from 1915 living in Downton Abbey. (I’ll now stop with the Downton Abbey references. I promise. Except I can’t be held responsible if a stray Maggie Smith line pops out somewhere along the line.)

I do feel kind of badly because those Swiffer duster thingys aren’t very environmentally friendly. But don’t fear, dear readers, I have found a solution! Enter:

I found this tutorial from Sew Much Ado, and I’m gonna make one! I’m so very excited, and I even have some cute flannel to make one with. You can rest assured that I will post the outcome of my attempt. Hopefully it will be bright and cheery like this one, although I can promise you it won’t be photographed nearly as nicely. And mine certainly won’t get over 11,000 pins on Pinterest.

So stay tuned for the results!

2 Responses to Tracky Tuesday

  1. Sissy-poo says:

    Are you secretly in Europe, where it’s already 1:19 p.m.? HOW did you get this all done (and post about it, no less) by 7:19 in the morning???? I need some of whatever you’re drinking…. :p

  2. I love that swiffer duster thing, make me one? :)

    Great job on your track workout!

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