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Seriously, Clark?

Like for real? No. Seriously. No. Just…no. [whiny rich girl problem rant to commence] I don’t get it. I honestly don’t understand. Why the fuck is my running still so bad and only getting worse? Seriously. (Okay, I”m done with the “seriously”s now.) At the very least I would think I would be just maintaining speed, butContinue Reading

Sleep Typing

Aaaand this is where people are going to stop reading my blog. Well, maybe. But hopefully not. I haven’t been posting for a while for a few reasons: I haven’t been stoked about running, and therefore haven’t wanted to take the time to upload my stats and report on them There’s so much going onContinue Reading

The Newest Addition

There’s a new baby in the house: In an attempt to thwart the whole “it’s getting cold and dark” thing, I ran after work yesterday. It worked out pretty well – it was nice and sunny out, instead of the semi-dark it would have been at 6am. I got my Aspaeris shorts in the mail!Continue Reading

I Have a Date!

A running date, that is! A neighbor of mine, the preacher’s wife, and I are going running Friday afternoon. Woot! I would have preferred going before work, but she gets up at the ass crack of dawn (well, 3:45am actually – before the crack of dawn!) to do PX-90. Wow. I’m soooo not getting upContinue Reading

Random Friday Awesomeness

Hipogaetching: Yogoglo Hippy Quickie Olympics: Yay! While I’m not a huge Olympic fan (Magnificent Seven aside), I love the idea of the Olympics. The Olympics that would be if everyone was super honest and had super sportsmanship and generally just did their best to represent all that is good about the human race. Citius, Altius, Fortius.Continue Reading